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Student Nutrition and Physical Activity (Student Wellness Policy)
The Monroe Public Schools promote healthy schools by supporting wellness, good nutrition, and strategies to avoid the causes of life-threatening allergic reactions, and regular physical activity as part of the total learning environment. The Monroe Public Schools support a healthy environment where children learn and participate in positive dietary and lifestyle practices. Schools contribute to the basic health status of children by facilitating learning through the support and promotion of good nutrition and physical activity. The Principal of each school will be responsible for the implementation of this policy.

It is the policy of the Monroe Public Schools to:
A. Provide a comprehensive learning environment for developing and practicing lifelong wellness behaviors.
B. Support and promote proper dietary habits contributing to students' healthy status and academic performance.
C. Provide more opportunities for students to engage in physical activity.
D. Create a positive learning environment by promoting awareness of the causes of life-threatening allergic reactions.

School celebrations, that distribute food and beverage that follow the healthy snack list, ( including whole fruits and vegetables1 may occur at the discretion of the principal. Only foods in their original packaging are permitted. No home prepared foods will be allowed. A list of many non-food alternatives will be available in each of the district's schools. Foods may be limited based upon allergen content.

  • Field Trips
    The school is not responsible for monitoring food choices on field trips.
  • Fundraisers
    Food based fundraisers may not be distributed during the school day.

Physical Activity Opportunities
Physical education classes and physical activity opportunities will be available for all students.
Supervised recess time should be provided within each school day for preschool, kindergarten and elementary school students (K-5). Active play and socialization should be encouraged. Staff members may remove a student from recess under any of the following conditions:

1. Approval of the Building Principal
2. A documented safety concern
3. Mutual agreement of the parent/guardian and the teacher
4. An infraction which has occurred during a recess period

Nutrition Education
The Monroe Public Schools have a comprehensive curriculum approach to nutrition in Kindergarten through 12th grade. All Pre-K-l2 instructional staff will be encouraged to integrate nutritional themes from the Connecticut Department of Education Health Education Framework into daily lessons when appropriate. The health benefits of good nutrition should be emphasized. These nutritional themes include but are not limited to:

 Knowledge of the Food Guide Pyramid Healthy heart choices
 Sources & variety of foods   Dietary Guidelines for Americans
 Diet and disease  Understanding calories
 Healthy snacks   Healthy breakfast
 Major nutrients   Multicultural influences
 Serving sizes  Proper food safety/sanitation
 Identify and limit foods of low nutrient density    Read and understand food labels

Teacher-to-Student Incentive
The use of food items as part of a student incentive program is strongly discouraged. A list of non-food incentives instead of snacks will be disseminated to all staff and will be encouraged by the Superintendent of Schools.

1 prepared/cut on premises

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Policy adopted: January 19, 2016
Policy revised: March 6, 2017

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